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What services are available?

Pre planning :

There is a lot of time spent researching between different vendors that may ned to be picked from.  Take the stress and time and let me do the work.  Options for vendors such as location, catering, florists, entertainment, and others are given based on the intial meeting notes that include event type, guest count, feel of event, budget, and more. 

Day of Coordination :

You have done so much work in making your event the best day of your life - why would you want to miss everything by being the main contact for all the guests and event staff.  Enjoy your guests and your event by hiring a day of coorinator.  All the information needed to make your wishes reality will be taken and executed.  Having a go to behind the scenes third party person will allow you to have fun and make sure the staff, vendors, and guest have the assistance they need and the management necessary. 

What else?

There are many other a la carte items available.  Need someone to organize the invites? Have a lot of out of town guests who you would like provide welcome baskets for? Need timelines set up? Need a floor plan? or seating charts? If there is anything you need specific assistance with just ask! I'd be happy to help.